[Tweeters] Gray Jay Picking Cat-tail Moss (Isothecium myosuroides)

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Fri Aug 23 20:07:33 PDT 2013

Hi Vincent

Your photos of Gray Jay's make me wanna go to the mountains.

That stuff the jay is poking thru in your pictures, is a lichen, probably the common Alectoria sarmentosa, or something similar. It's common in mountain conifers. No doubt it's got bugs in it - almost everything else does right now.

Jeff Gibson

Everett Wa

Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2013 12:23:11 -0700
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Subject: [Tweeters] Gray Jay Picking Cat-tail Moss (Isothecium myosuroides)

Yesterday, 08/22/2013, I saw this Gray Jay picking what I think is Cat-tail Moss (Isothecium myosuroides) on Deer Park Rd., Olympic National Park, 47° 58' 36.3", -123° 17' 32.6", Near Port Angeles, Clallam Co., WA. I'm wondering why it's doing this? Surely it isn't for nesting material this late in the season. Are there insects in there, perhaps? I know in south Florida, where I used to live, the Spanish Moss contained mites and other small insects. Perhaps the GRJA is looking for food? Comments welcome. Thanks.


Vincent Lucas
Sequim, WA
vincentlucas5 at gmail.com
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