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Eastern Wood-PeeWee still at the same location! I am listening to it now : )

Call dead on for Eastern Wood PeeWee!!!!

The house Matt speaks of is at least a mile from the beginning of road 5.5. It is not the first house. Look for the sign pointing left titled "trails end ranch"

Super find Matt congrats!

Kevin Black

>From Lind Coulee, WA

Richland, WA

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I can't believe it but it's really there. I have audio and video, although it's with a wide angle hero cam so the video won't be great, but I was just 10 feet from the bird. It called regularly and I should have awesome audio recordings. I won't be home for a few days so I'm not sure when I can post them. I'll try to post here at work if possible. The bird was in the same area that I described yesterday. After hearing it (very faint from Lind Coulee), I drove to the actual farm house and got permission to walk around the property. The gentleman said other birders are welcome but must ask for permission first. It's in what I think is an almond orchard. If driving south on M SE you will turn left on road 5.5SE. Eventually get to the farm with the large grove of trees. Get permission. I found the bird about 40-60 feet into the almond trees from the dirt road leading to the house (in from the old red farm machinery- a combine I think). Anyway, I am totally stoked!

The home-owner actually already has a Sibley field guide, given to him by a local birder. Pretty cool.

Matt Yawney
Ephrata, WA
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