[Tweeters] Sanderling @ Discovery Park

Michael Fleming michaelfleming01 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 14:13:34 PDT 2013

Since I hadn't been to Discovery Park in about a week I decided to
check out the beach and the area around the West Point Lighthouse to
see if I could find something kind of cool. Things started out really
slow with only a single RHINOCEROS AUKLET, a couple of CASPIAN TERNS,
an OSPREY and a few gulls. I was thinking that maybe this was not
such a great idea when a single shorebird rounded the point and landed
on the North beach. I relocated the bird and was surprised to see
that it was a SANDERLING, which was being harassed by some BARN
SWALLOWS. The SANDERLING then flew further east along the North beach
and landed near two smaller shorebirds (which I would have never seen
otherwise), that turned out to be a pair of LEAST SANDPIPERS. All in
all pretty nice since shorebirds are a treat at Discovery Park.

Cheers and Good Birding;

Michael Fleming
Ballard, Washington
michaelfleming01 AT gmail.com

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