[Tweeters] 2 Hudsonian Godwits at Bottlebeach on 8/21

Doug Schurman doug at bodyresults.com
Thu Aug 22 12:11:52 PDT 2013

Yesterday my wife and I had the pleasure of viewing two Hudsonian Godwits at
Bottle Beach. We arrived 2.5 hours before high tide and the first Hudsonian
was there within 10 minutes of scanning the birds. If you do go to Bottle
Beach get there at least 2 hours before high tide. sometimes all the birds
leave 60-90 minutes before high tide. Big thanks to Bobbi and Curtis Pearson
for helping us find them.

I was able to get a few pictures of the Hudsonians.

One Hudsonian Godwit


Two Hudsonians near each other


In flight - you can really notice the differences compared to the Marbled



We also got to see a few of the Elgant Terns which was a real treat. In
addition to going to the Coast we went to Balch Rd near Lyle WA to try to
see Acorn Woodpeckers. We were quite happy to see 5 of them. We also got to
see a very cute young Turkey running after a parent.

I have an album of 16 pictures from the two areas at the following link:


Happy birding

Doug Schurman

NE Seattle

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