[Tweeters] More Pacific Co. Elegant Terns

Ted Kenefick tgkenefick at msn.com
Thu Aug 22 11:44:01 PDT 2013

The well-reported Tokeland terns plus North Head birds as well.

Cheers and Good Birding,
Ted Kenefick
tgkenefick at msn.com

From: Jeff Gilligan <jeffgilligan10 at gmail.com>
Subject: Elegant Terns - Pacific Co., WA
Date: August 22, 2013 11:27:01 AM PDT
To: Tweeters <TWEETERS at u.washington.edu>
Cc: DAVID IRONS <llsdirons at msn.com>, OBOL Birders Online <obol at freelists.org>

Yesterday there were four Elegant Terns at the Tokeland Marina, Pacific County, as well as 5 Great Egrets, and one Willet and only 35 Marbled Godwits.

Today there were 14 Elegant Terns off North Head, Pacific County, feeding with Caspian Terns.

Jeff Gilligan and Clarke Blake

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