[Tweeters] Just Another (Great) Day at the Beach

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We are heading out Saturday for a full day of birding on Sunday. We are
going to try for some of the birds you've mentioned here, and it will be our
first time at Tokeland, Bottle Beach, Grayland/Midway, and Westport Groins.
I have the Birder's Guide to Washington and a GPS, but wonderful if you
could give me some specific pointers on the best approach.

Am I correct that most of the good sightings are before and after high tide?
Please write or call with any pointers if you have the time and inclination.

Dick and Tip Martin
509 884-1960

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As is evident from all the posts on Tweeters today, the Beach Areas from
Bottle Beach to Tokeland were full of great birds and happy birders. Many
of us ran into each other multiple times and stayed in touch sharing
sightings helping everyone see the many great birds.

George Pagos and I birded together throughout and also intersected
frequently with Michael Fleming, Cara Borre and Asta Tobiassen, among
Highlights of course were the Hudsonian Godwit at Bottle Beach and the
Elegant Terns at Tokeland Marina (on our second try). While we missed the
White Pelicans, there were many other treats including Snowy Plovers at
Grayland/Midway, hundreds of Marbled Godwits (but no Bar Tailed this time),
Western and Least Sandpipers, a single Pectoral Sandpiper (Bottle), 5+
Willets and 12+ Whimbrel (Tokeland), many Semipalmated and Black Bellied
Plovers (Bottle), 2+ Ruddy Turnstones (Bottle), many Short Billed Dowitchers
2+ Red Knots (Bottle), 20+ Surfbirds (Westport
Groins) and Sanderlings (Grayland).

I am also happy to report that it did not rain, so
I did not even need the rain jacket which this
time I remembered to bring.

Some pictures can be found at

Blair Bernson

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