[Tweeters] LHG-Bellevue 'hot zone' kind of a bust today (Su 8/18)

Pterodroma at aol.com Pterodroma at aol.com
Sun Aug 18 21:56:13 PDT 2013

Well, after going out on a limb and finally posting/boasting about the
recent explosive happenings in what seems (or seemed?) to be the "hot zone" on
the east side of Larsen Lake this past week, this morning was comparatively
a disappointing bust. The place was anything but hopping hot and even
the most abundant of the recent influx of berry feeder crowds
(waxwings-robins-house finches) were way much reduced, no warbler-vireo types at all, one
Willow Flycatcher, a couple Black-headed Grosbeaks, and only one token
Western Tanager. Likewise, yesterday's swarm of Barn Swallows were largely
gone too. It wasn't a total bust though as all three of the current GREEN
HERONS were accounted for, one at the Phantom Lake, and two at Larsen Lake
where also an Osprey flew over and ~15 Vaux's Swifts were present briefly.

Such is the way and vagaries of late summer and fall migration I guess with
it's highs and lows. Pretty impressive though in context as through the
first third of the month and the greenbelt definitely in the throes of
summer doldrums, counts were averaging in the low 30's and bottoming out (so
far) at 26 on Aug 10. Then, 3 days later, Tuesday suddenly spiking at 41,
spiking higher with 48 on Wednesday, 46 on Thursday, dipping to 36 on Friday,
spiking again at 48 on Saturday, then dipping again to 37 today. Who knows
what tomorrow will bring? But that's what keeps it interesting and seems
to hold me so weirdly addicted it seems to such a simple, near, and easy
little place; some days are hot and some days are not.

Richard Rowlett
Bellevue (Eastgate), WA

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