[Tweeters] Bottle Beach Hudsonian Godwit

Mike Clarke redeyegravy at gmail.com
Sat Aug 17 20:14:29 PDT 2013

For the second evening in a row, there was a juvenile Hudsonian Godwit at
Bottle Beach. Field marks include: smaller size, buff-gray lightly
patterened back, longer, darker primaries, a pale buff upper- breast fading
to complete white belly and undertail, white supercilium, and in flight a
complete white rump with black tail. I will post some poor pics to my
e-bird report that show some of these field marks when I return home Sunday.

Also present were a single Red Knot in breeding plumage, several Ruddy
Turnstones, a Whimbrel, three peep spp., some Semipalmated Plovers and
hoardes of Dowitchers and Black-bellied Plovers.

Mike Clarke
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