[Tweeters] Magnuson Park, 16 August 2013

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Fri Aug 16 13:39:53 PDT 2013

The recent rains didn't really add any water to the ponds so no shorebirds
could find a place to stop. The residual humidity this morning left a
slight fog and a start to the day that was decidedly quiet. But, the sun
eventually appeared as did the birds; nothing too unusual but there were
some interesting visits.
Barn Owl - early, West MeadowCalifornia Gull - large flock loafing on the
swim platformMew Gull - first of season, with the CAGUCooper's Hawk - a
small adult near the dog beach and a large immature bird, in the wetlands,
being strafed by a couple of crowsVaux's Swift - a few finally
appearedMerlin - beautifully plumaged bird, probably the same that others
have observed recently, catching dragonflies in the wetland ponds. It pulls
off the wings then casually munches the body. When finished, it zooms out
over the ponds to catch another.Willow Flycatcher - many; all were
whittingPacific Wren - singing, in a deciduous groveCommon Yellowthroat -
many; those visible were all non-adult maleWilson's Warbler - several;
quietBlack-throated Gray Warbler - adult maleBewick's Wren - very
successful breeding season; never out of range of a vocalizing wren all
For the day, 44 species.Checklist:
http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist?subID=S14936892Scott RamosSeattle

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