[Tweeters] Nandina berries and birds

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Here's the full report:


It appears that quantity may have been an important factor. In our area,
there are more berries ripe at the same time, so possibly not as dangerous,
since Nandina berries would not be the only food . Also, I, and probably
many other homeowners, only have one bush, with only a couple of clusters
of berries each year.

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I'm passing this on from someone in Arkansas, who claims that Nandina
domestica (also known as heavenly bamboo) berries are poisonous to birds, as
they produce hydrogen cyanide. A large number of Cedar Waxwings found dead
had Nandina berries in their stomachs.

I don't know if there is anything else about this in the literature, but
those of us with Nandina in our yards might look into it.


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