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Mon Aug 12 15:05:33 PDT 2013

I have called the DFW for help with injured Snowy Owls and Osprey.
Very helpful, and good, folks without a doubt.

Even called them once on a dead seal in a slough.

Quoting Hank Heiberg <karenhank at yahoo.com>:

> 1. While attending a granddaughter's softball game at Hartman Field

> in Redmond, I saw a dead crow in the very NE corner of the park just

> inside the cyclone fence. Should this be reported to someone?

> 2. Yesterday while taking some out-of-town guests to the Ballard

> Locks, we came across a small Great Blue Heron on the ground west of

> the heron rookery which is on the south side of the ship canal and

> west of the locks. It was on the street side of the metal pipe

> fence that separates the walkway from the canal where the walkway

> turns up toward the street. It appeared that the heron could not

> figure out how to get back on the other side of the fence. I

> convinced myself that I didn't need to do anything, but now I am not

> so sure.


> Hank Heiberg

> Lake Joy

> Carnation, Wa

> karenhank at yahoodotcom


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