[Tweeters] surprise guests - Cooper's hawk in tight places

creinsch at humbirds.org creinsch at humbirds.org
Mon Aug 12 13:41:41 PDT 2013

About the only time I post on tweeters is regarding hummingbirds, but just now, moments ago, had an experience with a larger bird. Perhaps someone can tell me if juvenile hawks make a habit of terrifying humans.

I was in our tiny (1924 era) garage, near the door which was open, staining lattice for a fence. Behind me, I heard wings, and, following the sound, looked back into the garage, where I saw the lower half of a large bird perched on a beam about 8 feet above me. I immediately thought "wrong colors for a pigeon", as it bent forward to inspect me. It was a Cooper's hawk. It flew up into the rafters, and feeling afraid it would panic and accidently collide with me, I stepped out of the garage. Ran to get the camera, and returned just as the bird figured out how to escape, flying down and swooping up once outside. This was a new one for our yard.

Not a peep out of the resident Anna's.

chuck reinsch
magnolia, seattle, wa

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