[Tweeters] The Great Tailed Grackle Experience..Great Bird...Better People

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Mon Aug 12 11:02:28 PDT 2013

There have been a number of posts about the GTGR
in Pyuallup, which yes I finally saw yesterday,
but this one will take a different tack.

It was great to finally see this new state bird
(essentially third try) but it was also a
wonderful "birding community" experience. There
were many birders from parts far and near
yesterday and almost everyone finally got to see
the bird at a spot almost 2 miles from Sam Peach
Park. This happened first because Jeff Johndro
(may be spelling that wrong) persisted and
relocated the bird after it failed to show for
several hours at the Park. More importantly Jeff
shared the information with others who had been
there who shared with still others and eventually
all knew of the bird's new location. My party was
included in that sharing tree: special thanks to
Stefan Schlick who not only called us but also
stayed around to show us the bird when we
arrived. It had moved from out in the open on the
grass to being buried in a tree and we would not
have found it without his kind assistance. We
were then all rewarded when after flying away (and
one late arriver thus missed it) in a few moments
it returned and proudly displayed on a post in the
open. This enabled us not only to get great looks
but also great photos AND enabled the birder who
had departed a chance to return and also capture
the bird (visually and photographically). See
photo at:

We are blessed to be part of a caring, sharing,
knowledgeable and wonderful birding community in
this state. Stefan's aid was fantastic but in
keeping with what others have provided and I try
to provide to others...sharing the wealth of our
birding experiences. It is not the same in every
place in the country. So yesterday was one of
great birds but really of even better people.

Blair Bernson

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