[Tweeters] Rodents

Jon Purnell and Sherrie Rogers jonnsher at wavecable.com
Sat Aug 10 17:04:03 PDT 2013

Where there is one mouse there are many and the same goes for rats..just a
bigger problem. Bird feeders can indeed be THE source of food and the only
way to get rid of them is to kill them..they have diseases that can kill
you-Hanta virus and eat anything and everything and will infest your house
and garage. We literally had to bleach everything in our garage after we
trapped and killed them and took down the feeders for several weeks. If you
eradicate them you can then look for holes that they can get in through and
seal them up.they don't like to chew through steel wool so we've filled
holes with that foam stuff and steel wool. We live in the woods but they
love nice warm places to build nests

Every spring and fall we get them building nest in our RV, our cars and they
will pee and poop on everything and chew anything---wiring, upholstery, and
everytime they make a nest you have 5-20babies that grow up and do the same
thing.it is not fun..GOOD luck. If you go to the Center for Disease Control
and Prevention--the CDC

There is a brochure that you can download that tells you how to deal with
the mice and keep from contracting this.


Sherrie and Jon

jonnsher at wavecable.com

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