[Tweeters] Spotted/Barred Owl question

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Young Barred Owls are about, some still in their natal territory hanging
around their parents and still giving a food begging cry. The call is an
ascending "psssttt!", and as the young get less and less attention from
their parents, the calls become less frequent. The call can be mistaken for
the Spotted Owl "contact call" for those not familiar with both.

-J. Acker

owler at sounddsl.com

Bainbridge Island, WA

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Please access the Cornell Macauley Library of recordings of bird calls.
Many Spotted owl and Barred Owl calls are similar.
They are cogeners (in the same genus, so closely related).

I, too, thought I might have heard a Spotted Owl caterwauling call in Lake
Forest Park some years back.
But it turns out the Barred Owl makes an exceedingly similar call.
That is likely the case for your owl.
Considering that there are now many more Barred Owls than Spotted in WA
state, and that Barred Owls are tolerant of urban/suburban areas, you almost
certainly heard a Barred Owl(s).
You will probably find the call you heard if you search the Barred Owl
sounds on the Macauley.

It now appears that we have at least three breeding pairs of Barred Owls in
Lake Forest Park.

Doug Will
Lake Forest park

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