[Tweeters] Red-necked Phalaropes @ Eide Road Ponds

Michael Fleming michaelfleming01 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 8 13:58:31 PDT 2013

Since I was in the area I decided to stop by Eide Road to see what
I could find. The ponds are drying up fast but there were still a few
shorebirds hanging around. Shorebirds seen included:

Pectoral Sandpiper - 1
Lesser Yellowlegs - 2
Long-billed Dowitchers - 7
Red-necked Phalarope - 2

Yesterday, at Discovery Park I had a Red-necked Grebe (in breeding
plumage) along the North Shore; and there was an Olive-sided
Flycatcher in the area of the chapel. Also, noted that the Mew Gulls
are back.

Cheers and Good Birding;

Michael Fleming
Ballard, Washington
michaelfleming01 AT gmail.com

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