[Tweeters] Auburn Magpie

Will Markey yekramw at gmail.com
Wed Aug 7 16:50:12 PDT 2013

It must be an odd day for long-tailed birds in South King County. I just
read Gary Sogard's e-mail about the Grackle in Puyallup.

I looked out my Kitchen window about a half hour ago and was amazed to see
a Black-billed Magpie with a worm in his mouth. It appears to be an adult
as, according to my Sibley's, the immature Magpie's have some green on
their sides. I saw no sign of green.

He/she didn't appear to know what to do with the worm. He kept dropping
it and picking it up, hopping all over the yard. He finally went under my
fence gate toward my feeders with the worn still in his mouth and I lost
sight of him. He was in view for about 5 or 6 minutes. I took many
photos, none exceptional as I took them through the windows so as not to
scare him/her off. I don't have a flicker account, etc. and I don't know
any way put a photo or two "out there" so anyone that is interested can
look at them.

I'd be glad to attach a few pics to an e-mail if anyone is interested.

Will & Willie Markey
East of Auburn on Soos Creek
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