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We have seen mink at Marymoor about seven or eight times, with sightings scattered between mid-March and mid-October. All the times I can recall, the mink was in or near water. I don’t think we’ve ever seen one in a meadow or forest area.

Mink are larger and darker than Long-tailed Weasels, and don’t have the bicolored “plumage”.

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Hi Tweets,

I've now had emails from three individuals questioning whether my photos are of a Long-tailed Weasel, and suggesting it was, rather, a Mink. Looking at photos in a Google search, that seems quite likely. My assumption it was a LTW was based on the multiple reports LTW sightings at Marymoor, whereas I didn't recall reports of Mink there.

I am hoping Michael Hobbs or someone else will chime in with information as to documented sightings of Mink at Marymoor.

As for swimming ability, this critter definitely had some--it seemed to swim effortlessly across the swift current about 6-8 feet below the weir spillway.

It's hard to tell if there was white under the (very soaked) chin, but it surely was not entirely white.

Marc Hoffman
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At 06:12 PM 8/6/2013, Rob Sandelin wrote:

Hmm, given that the animal was wet it doesn’t seem to show the usual light underchin. Could be the wetness or the light. Makes me wonder if it’s a baby mink. Was the tail thick or thin? I have watched weasels avoid water, actually even breaking off a chase when the prey (a jumping mouse) lept into a shallow side stream. Whereas Mink are totally water wise.

Rob Sandelin


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Hi Tweets!

Jeff's post convinced me I needed to share some photos from yesterday when I paddled the Sammamish Slough beside Marymoor Park at around 6 pm. I was watching a female Common Merganser when I saw what I thought was a little Otter head poke up through the water just below the weir. Turned out to be a Weasel. You can see photos on my blog at http://www.SongbirdPhoto.com.

Happy birding--birds & otherwise,

Marc Hoffman
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