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Tue Aug 6 11:08:55 PDT 2013

Hi Tweets!

Jeff's post convinced me I needed to share some photos from yesterday
when I paddled the Sammamish Slough beside Marymoor Park at around 6
pm. I was watching a female Common Merganser when I saw what I
thought was a little Otter head poke up through the water just below
the weir. Turned out to be a Weasel. You can see photos on my blog at

Happy birding--birds & otherwise,

Marc Hoffman
Kirkland, WA
tweeters "at" dartfrogmedia "dot" com

At 08:17 AM 8/6/2013, you wrote:

>Today, driving down the Lowell-Snohomish River Road (River Road to

>most locals ) I was charmed to see a Long-tailed Weasel win the game

>of Road Roulette as it bounded across the road, tail held high,

>right between my truck and an oncoming car. Just in the past month

>I've seen two of 'em pancaked on the same road, which I travel often

>at times. Last year I gathered one off the road and took it into

>show-and-tell at the Anchor Pub which was an interesting behavioral

>anthropology lesson: some people can handle seeing a dead creature,

>and some people really can't. It really was quite interesting and

>beautiful even though dead. At least some of us thought so.


>This is a wonderful mammal to observe, and I've seen them from near

>sea-level, on Everett's Smith Island, ( where I observed one

>apparently after a Common Yellowthoat's nest, the parent bird was

>doing some frenzied decoy manuvers to lead the weasel around. I

>don't know how it turned out), on up to about 6000 ft on the famed

>'Ptarmigan Traverse' just above Cascade Pass in the North Cascades.

>In that case the weasel was giving chase to several Ptarmigan in a

>talus field. It reminded me of that old ditty 'pop goes the

>weasel', as the weasel popped up in one spot, dissapeared under the

>rocks and 'pop'!, came up in another spot. The Ptarmigan cleared

>that scene finally. So weasels are interested in birds, just like

>you or me, if you like to eat birds and eggs that is.


>I think it interesting that I've seen more of these weasels in the

>Snohomish County, lowlands, than in any other place I've ever lived,

>including some wilder, or equally rural areas. Just lucky I guess.


>It did get me thinking about Roadkills, which sort of substitute as

>a trapline for lazy naturalist's like me. You know, by seeing what's

>dead on the road (DOR) you can get an idea of what's lurking out

>there in the habitat. One roadcake I haven't seen for years is a

>skunk. Maybe I don't get far enough in the boonies for that. Maybe

>skunks are getting smarter - I hope so, I think skunks are cool.


>Jeff Gibson

>in Weasel-world

>Everett Wa


>P.S. That old tune 'pop goes the weasel' is based quite a bit on

>Cockney slang apparently, and has nothing to do with weasels like we

>see bounding about.


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