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Cara Borre cmborre1 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 6 08:22:23 PDT 2013

I was going to post a shorebird roundup anyway but seeing someone's
disappointing trip to Jetty Island incited me to write.

On Blair Bernson's recommendation we headed north yesterday in search of
shorebirds. Blair had keyed me in on Jetty Island in Everett and Eide Road
on Camano Island for shorebird viewing. Two sites we had never visited

He gave me the heads up about the ferry to Jetty Island, being small and
likely a wait would be involved. He also said families go over to picnic
so be prepared for screaming kids.... in other words, not going to be a
delightful birding experience. We drove to the Jetty Island ferry first to
time Eide Road a few hours before high tide. There was a bit of a mob
scene waiting for the ferry with ferry times written on a board saying most
were full. One look and we decided Jetty Island was out for the day. A
second look revealed the Island itself, seeming a short distance off the
Everett waterfront. Had we taken our kayak it would have been an easy
paddle avoiding the ferry altogether. Note to self if there's every a
"must see" discovered at Jetty Island, bring the kayak!

We arrived at Eide Road earlier than planned but had a Lesser Yellowlegs
and Semipalmated Sandpiper right away. There are 3+ ponds at Eide Road
which probably get some water via nearby Port Susan at high tide. There
are exposed mudflats on these ponds and at least yesterday, there was a
flood of Yellowlegs (both species) had to be at least 50+, I think both
species of Dowitcher (based on tu tu call for Short-billed, majority
probably Long-billed) at least 20 of these, 1 Pectoral SP, 1 Baird's SP and
the 3 peeps with Western out numbering Least and Semipalmated. Really
quite a spectacular viewing experience.

Here are some tips on birding Eide Road if you have never been there:

1. When approaching from Stanwood you'll drive past Eide Road as it's a
left turn that isn't allowed, go down and turn around and approach from the
other direction for a right turn

2. Bring your Discover Pass

3. Bring boots or Keens (sandals) you're willing to get muddy. Bring a
plastic bag to put these shoes in afterward as they will probably smell

4. Bring a buddy or two and use FSRs or cell phones to communicate. Stake
out different ponds. I was at the pond we saw the initial LEYE and SESA
when Asta called and said there was a fleet of Yellowlegs at her pond. She
was at what I think Doug Schurman said is the North pond where he had the
most activity the day before. Doug should know by now that I don't know
directions (despite having a compass) in the field, so if you're like me,
it's the first pond you come to from the parking lot.

5. Time your visit 2 hours before high tide. High tide was at about 6pm
yesterday and we had to pull ourselves away at 7:30pm with many birds still

6. Bring a sun hat and wear sunscreen, bring water, have fun!

Cara Borre
Gig Harbor
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