[Tweeters] an encounter between a Coopers hawk and a hummingbird

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Mon Aug 5 13:06:27 PDT 2013

a few years back, was intrigued at juanita bay park to watch a rufous
hummingbird take on, in quick succession, a red-winged blackbird and a
great blue heron.

both opponents found it easier to move elsewhere than to stick around and
be hounded mercilessly...

fwiw, my memorial neurons want to say this occurred early-to-mid august, so
also outside nesting... my guess is they have the same biting
ego/personality genes as a tiny canine rugrat, sans bark...

00 caren
george davis creek, north fork

On Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 10:57 AM, Rob Sandelin <nwnature1 at gmail.com> wrote:

> This morning I sat in my usual favorite spot in the garden for a hour or

> so.

> Lots of bees and butterflies danced amid the flowers, and there was a line

> up waiting to bath in the garden stream including two western tanagers.

> With

> a sudden rush of wings a Coopers hawk landed very close, less than ten feet

> away perhaps attracted by the action at the stream. Less than a minute

> later

> a hummingbird buzzed literally in the hawks face. The hawk rolled its head

> forward and snapped its bill at the micro bird who then zipped around

> behind

> the hawk and appeared to poke the hawk mid back with its beak before

> zipping

> around in front again. The hawk started stepping sideways on the branch

> jerking its shoulders and twice it leaned forward to snap at the hummer.


> The difference in size between the antagonist and the victim was

> astonishing

> and after another bit of abuse from the tiny green warrior, the mighty

> fearsome hawk flew away.


> As far as I know hummingbirds are way done nesting at this point so I

> wondered what motivated the tiny bird to take such a risk? A pissed off

> hummingbird is nothing to trifle with.


> Rob Sandelin

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> Snohomish County, WA


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