[Tweeters] Naches Peak Trail of Mt. Rainier trip photos

Qinglin Ma qinglineric at gmail.com
Mon Aug 5 10:05:58 PDT 2013

Barb & John Jensen led this Seattle Audubon trip to Naches Peak Loop trail
of Mt. Rainier on Aug. 3, 2013. 11 birders went on this wildflower trip.

It was a bright sunny day without snow on the trail at 6000ft. According to
John who was the former chief ranger of Mt. Rainier that it is one of the
best years for wildflowers. The sweet smell of lupine filled the air, many
forms and colors gave our eyes a feast, birds' tweeting delighted our ears.

We saw a few birds: 1 Swainson's Hawk, 2 Solitary Sandpipers, 1 Spotted
sandpiper, 5 RAVENS, A few Juncos, a group of 10 or so Evening Grosbeaks
were eating gravel by the main road, and several groups of Pine Siskens.

We also saw some animals: a couple of chipmunks, 2 marmots were fighting,
and a few squirrels.

Some photos are at Flicker.com


Qinglin Ma
Kirkland, WA
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