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jeff gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Mon Aug 5 09:27:25 PDT 2013

After an exciting Peregrine encounter I posted about on Saturday, I started wondering about a few things, so I thought I'd put out the question to the experts here on tweeters.

In that encounter, a Peregrine zoomed right by me and my wife, at incredible acceleration, as it headed toward the nearby bluff, and dove over the edge. What I forgot to mention was that this was an Immature bird. In one of those lucky viewing moments, the Peregrine, just as it flew overhead about 15' above us, flew thru the shadows beneath the trees into a beam of afternoon sunlight which, in my split second of viewing, revealed it to clearly be an Imm. bird- all nicely brown and streaky, with no adult features. It's nice to know that the shutter speed on my brain is still working at the higher speeds (although not alway's when I want it to).

Anyway, my question is whether Peregrines have their Imm. plumage for just the first spring and summer, or for more than one season? What got me to thinking about that was comparing the flight skills of this Imm. Peregrine, to young Coopers Hawks I just saw last week. While of course the flight skills of the adult Coopers are immpressive, the youngsters I saw, seemed a bit doofy.

>From what I could find, it seems like Cooper's and Peregrines nest around the same time of year, though I suppose there is a bit of variation. Anyway, the Peregrine, if a bird of this year, surely got A-grades in flight school. I guess birds have a pretty sharp learning curve in general.

Anyway, if someone could help Peale back my layer of ignorance on this subject, I'd appreciate it!

Jeff Gibson

Everett Wa

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