[Tweeters] long-held mystery bird, Skagit County

Paul Hicks phicks at accessgrace.org
Sun Aug 4 16:20:48 PDT 2013

Tweets, Gary Bletsch, and other Skagit County birding enthusiasts,
Was just recalling a "mystery bird" I saw probably around 1968 or 69, and
wonder what your experience or speculations might be. What I saw momentarily
was a gray, roughly robin-size bird with white wing flashes. Mockingbird,
shrike, or solitaire come to mind. I was walking to school, Concrete High,
on a chill if not frosty clear morning (winter or maybe early spring). The
bird was barely 50 feet (if that) off SR 20 at the bottom of the assent up
to the school. It MIGHT have been perched on the utility line, but don't
recall for certain. In those days the lots on either side of Superior Ave
were not developed. Other goodies present nearby during my high school days
as a budding birder, at Concrete airport "behind" the school: Say's Phoebe
(2, March), Mountain Bluebird (flock, March), Lark Sparrow (1 male, June).
All you Skagit County birders, if you have time you might check out the
airport during migration- if it's still accessible. Good birding!
-- Paul Hicks / Tenino / phicks AT accessgrace DOT org

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