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Way back in the 70s, a lady from George called the library, where I
worked as a clerk, having heard that I was into birds, about a strange bird
she had found dead, thinking it might be a cuckoo. That was back in the
good old, birderless days, when it couldn't be there 'cause the map said
so. I called my birder friend, Bert Jahn, and we were off to George,
contemplating what it could be, probably a Mourning Dove. Much to our
surprise she brought forth, from her freezer, a Yellow-billed Cuckoo, which
our friend, Dick Hoyt, from the WDFW, mounted and displayed in his non-game
bird collection until time got to it.
There's still a little peep in the Ephrata office that I found at
Westport about 1970. My elder sister, whom I was turning into a birder,
didn't pay much attention to it until we got back to my camper and I put it
in my icebox, when she got a little freaky. Told her I had to take it to
Dick to mount and share. Maybe the salt water helped to preserve it.
So glad for all you good folks expanding those maps. Love ya!
Also, thank you, very much, Bill Anderson and Cara Borre for your
info on Green Heron and Osprey locations.

Keep up the good birding,
The ol' bat, chaser of birds.
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