[Tweeters] Re: Swifts sleeping in

Larry Schwitters leschwitters at me.com
Fri Aug 2 13:31:21 PDT 2013

It's continued to rain and more and more swifts have come into the Monroe Wagner roost site. Must be over 100 now. Two years ago on this date it was record high temperatures and 25 roosting swifts. Last year it wasn't and the estimate was 650.

Lots of action on the live stream right now.

Larry Schwitters
On Aug 2, 2013, at 10:39 AM, Larry Schwitters wrote:

> The clear liquid dripping off the dome camera cover suggests its been raining in Monroe. Swift are still present at 10:30. Looks like the birds are three deep in the SW corner. I'm guessing there's close to 50 in that clump.

>> http://www.wildearth.tv/player/vaux-happening-swift-roost-webcam/nochat


> They're starting to move.


> Larry Schwitters

> Issaquah

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