[Tweeters] Red-Shouldered Hawk - Julia Butler Hansen NWR

Ronald Friesz rcfriesz at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 1 16:54:31 PDT 2013

To follow up on Russ Koppendrayer's report last week of a Red-Shouldered Hawk in Wahkiakum Co., I spent a few hours on the Refuge today trying out my luck. At about 1:30 pm, I heard one calling off the Steamboat Slough Rd. near the existing road closure; then several minutes later, I circled back and found one (probably the same bird, or possible a second bird) perched on a fence post off the Brooks Slough Road.
The light was poor, but it appeared to be an immature bird with more brownish-streaked plumage particularly on the head. The tail was barred, and it flew with rapid wing beats with light crescents visible in the outer primaries. It flew directly to heavy tree cover and perched out of view.
Ron Friesz
rcfriesz at  yahoo.com

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