[Tweeters] Discovery Park Today

Michael Fleming michaelfleming01 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 1 13:29:15 PDT 2013

This morning I spent a couple of hours birding near the West Point
Lighthouse and along the North Beach at Discovery Park. Things were
pretty quiet but did have the usual RHINOCEROS AUKLETS not too far off
shore, and a single COMMON MURRE seen from the point. Last week when
I was birding along the North Beach I had a few young ORANGE-CROWNED
WARBLERS in with a small group of Chickadees and thought that I would
follow up on that sighting today. Although, I could not relocate the
young warblers I did find a ratty looking adult ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER
that was acting very territorial; chasing finches away when they
ventured to close.

Cheers and Good Birding;

Michael Fleming
Ballard, Washington
michaelfleming01 AT gmail.com

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