[Tweeters] Off-topic, mostly: Seattle wasp species that build paper nests

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There are yellow jackets who build aerial nests. Much to my surprise, since I had always thought that they built underground, I found this out this year while trying to paint a carport. The exterminator who came and destroyed the start of the nest, told me that this year was really bad for the aerial ones.

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> Trileigh,

> I believe that is a bald-faced hornet nest, but the photo is of a yellowjacket, Vespula alascensis. They

> build nests underground or in structures such as buildings or, perhaps, hollow trees. I presume the

> yellowjackets are using the hornet nest, something I hadn't heard of.


> I should add that birds sometimes eat wasps.


> Dennis



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> Hi Tweeters,


> I'll start with a birding observation for legitimacy: I have seen several Rufous Hummingbirds

> near Lincoln Park in West Seattle this year, both in the park and, more commonly, at my

> feeders and on my yard flowers. There don't seem to be as many as in previous years,

> unfortunately.


> There is a beautiful football-sized paper-wasp nest near my house˜characteristic of nests

> built by bald-faced hornets. However, these wasps don't look like that species; these are

> narrow-bodied with many thin yellow segments in the abdomen (photos

> at flickr.com/photos/trileigh). Does anyone know what other Seattle wasp species build such

> nests?


> Thanks as always,

> Trileigh


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