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Thu Aug 1 03:49:33 PDT 2013

Anybody know where an ol' bat might find a photogenic Green Heron, and
maybe an Osprey nest, in the Seattle area, north, in a couple of weeks?
Well, where best to look, since our fine feathered friends have minds of
their own. Started a "photographed" list so I could keep counting. Once a
lister, always a lister. Lived in AZ, did the trip around TX, drove back to
Minn. My 535 list would be pretty good, back in the good ol' days, but
nowdays.... I was told, a number of times back then, that I couldn't have
seen the birds I claimed because they wern't here. My theory was that the
birds were here, birders were the rare ones. That's back in the 70s, when
one really got the "looks"when out birding. Now days we're a force to be
reckoned with. I remember when I found a Curlew Sandpiper out on
Winchester Wasteway. My friend wouldn't admit he'd seen it until my fuzzy,
scope picture turned out to prove it. Didn't have the photo equipment back
then, either. Well, there're still those birds to count out of Westport,
but for someone who gets motion sickness in the back seat of a car...I'm
even more chicken at 75! Sorry, for going on Thanks in advance if anyone
can help find those jewels.

Sunny, Arizona M.
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