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Hi, all,

I'm having to give up my ten-year native plant restoration at school,
and I want the plants to find homes. I've taken out the rarer plants
already, but there are a lot of a few species left, and I can't get them
out in time by myself (the next few weeks). I'd welcome their salvage
for either public areas or your own yards. You'd have to come to Renton
with your tools, containers, and transport to dig them. Possible times
are most weekdays around 3 p. m., or we can set up a couple of weekend

The bird list for this urban plot included 36 spp., with 11 nesting (and
another collecting material). In its present reduced circumstances, a
Mallard is still incubating.

Contact me to make arrangements or ask questions at panmail at fastmail.fm


Alan Grenon
panmail at fastmail.fm

the list:
non-native fruit plants (several-year-old seedlings):
Cornus kousa (1, Kousa dogwood, edible fruit)
Italian plum (2)
flowering quince (1, Chaenomeles cathayensis, 3m x 3m shrub, large tart
fruits for cooking [not the common small shrub])

wild lily-of-the-valley,
candy flower (Siberian miner’s lettuce, western spring beauty),
star flower,
thimble berry,
snow berry,

also some:
ocean spray
red osier dogwood (cuttings),
redwood sorrel (Oregon Oxalis),

volunteered, native, if you want it:
horse tail,
pearly everlasting,
willow herb
native trailing blackberry
willows (cuttings)
western red-cedar (seedlings)
western hemlock (seedling)
Pacific madrona (seedling – doesn’t transplant well)

probably available:
Douglas spirea (hardhack)
black raspberry,
roses (Nootka and bare-hipped)
Oregon grape (the low one -- doesn't transplant well),

you may be able to talk me out of a few:
salmon berry,
red-flowering currant,
Indian plum (oso berry),
sword fern
salal (doesn't transplant well),
red huckleberry (doesn't transplant well).
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