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jeff gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Sun Apr 28 08:13:43 PDT 2013

Just had one of those 'driveway moments', as they say on NPR , sitting in my little truck parked in our carport, listening to a talk on the radio by the excellent Canadian biologist David Suzuki.

As I sat there, a male Western Tanager flew out of the English Laurel by my truck into a nearby Yew. That would make it the earliest Tanager I've seen at my North Everett home; most of them in the past have been after the first full week of May, and generally mid-May. Back in 2008 I jokingly called our place 'Tanager Acres' since there was such a fallout of Tanagers here. That year was an exceptionally cold and wet May (AKA crappy) with plenty of 40 degree rain. Luckily for the Tanager's, our English Laurel 'tree's' were in full bloom, with their bottle-brush flowers loaded with sweet nectar. ( I know, I tried licking it myself). The Tanagers were nectaring on the flowers, methodically going over the individual flowers and sticking their tongues in each one. A good deal, since it was too cold and wet for a lot of big bugs they might more typically find in May. They stuck around for days.

Well, this morning was kinda cool and drizzly, and the Laurels just happen to be blooming now, so maybe we'll have a redux of 2008.

As the Tanager flew into the yew, a male Wilson's Warbler flew out of it; also a first of year bird here.

Jeff Gibson
Licking the flowers, in
Everett Wa

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