[Tweeters] Western Kingbirds, pipits and pipers - LHG-Bellevue

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Sat Apr 27 10:14:38 PDT 2013

Lake Hills Greenbelt (LHG), Bellevue

3-5 Western Kingbirds seen early this morning in the far NE corner of the
NE corner farm field at SE 156th Ave SE and SE 16th St. These FOY
kingbirds were sallying back and forth between the mud there and adjacent willows
and alders at 0800hrs. Also there in that far NE corner and on the mud and
adjacent grassy area were 8 American Pipits, while 20-25 Savannah Sparrows
were mostly concentrated along the boardwalk on the west side and the NW
corner. The only remaining Golden-crowned Sparrows (4-5) for several days
now continue to be reliable along the boardwalk and shrubbery there along
156th. All the GCSPs for the past ten days or so have been nice gleaming
fancy adults whereas all through the Fall and Winter, the majority if not all
were immatures. At Larsen Lake, 13 Least Sandpipers were flying around and
around almost landing several times but not quite. Any shorebird other
than Killdeer and Wilson's Snipe in the LHG is worth noting as habitat for
such is extremely limited and seasonal at best.

Richard Rowlett
Bellevue (Eastgate), WA

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