[Tweeters] Pacific Wren Fledglings!!

Wyatt Hersey skateyono at gmail.com
Sat Apr 27 08:30:35 PDT 2013

Hey there everyone,
I was walking home yesterday from The Evergreen State College when, on
campus still, I observed a Pacific Wren making an interesting series of
calls, a rapid and continuous higher pitched call that their usual staccato
call note. Intrigued by the vocalization I wandered off trail towards the
bird and to my great surprise and elation I flushed 4 little fledglings
from their hiding place on the ground!! I got some very close looks at some
of them and got to see their bright yellow markings beside their mouths
which I assume are used to somehow enhance feeding during their continued
Also exciting is that I've been hearing Pacific Slope Flycatchers and
Wilson's Warblers in my yard for a few days now.
Happy Spring
Wyatt Hersey
skateyono at gmail.com
Olympia, WA
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