[Tweeters] Ridgefield NWR - Stilt, Eurasian Wigeon

Scott Carpenter slcarpenter at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 23:42:28 PDT 2013

The BLACK-NECKED STILT originally found by Leah Rude remained in Schwartz
Lake on the River S Unit of Ridgefield NWR until at least 6:30 pm on
Thursday. This is the seasonal wetland on the right side of the road
between markers 12 and 13.

There was also a relatively late male EURASIAN WIGEON on the River S Unit.

The show put on by a pair of AMERICAN BITTERNS was nothing short of
amazing. In addition to the normal male booming and display of epaulets,
four of us were also treated to a very slow, methodical approach by the
male toward the female over a period of about 45 minutes, including what I
can only describe as a courtship type dance/display, reminiscent of
something grouse would do. I've spent many hours with bitterns in spring,
but this is the first time I witnessed this behavior. Just as it appeared
the birds were about to copulate, they flew off together.

As I left the refuge around 7:45 pm, a large Beaver swam directly under the
bridge over Lake River. I routinely see evidence of Beaver on the refuge,
and I know where at least one lodge is, but this is the first time I've
seen a Beaver so out in the open on the refuge in daylight.

Scott Carpenter
Portland, Oregon
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