[Tweeters] LHG-Bellevue Th 5/25 - California Quail, et.al

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Thu Apr 25 21:51:57 PDT 2013

Lake Hills Greenbelt (LHG), Bellevue, notes from the field:
25Apr -- OWL PROWL -- 0300-0400 (1.0hrs), clear sky, moon FULL, wind calm,
temperature 47F. Quiet walk, Phantom Lake parking lot to the central
hemlock/cedar grove and back. Results: Zero! Despite perfect conditions, my
expectations were low as I think it’s getting past prime ‘owl calling season
’ now anyway. Hearing anything would have been a surprise!
25Apr – With another warm Spring day in the offing, new migrants were
disappointingly lacking apart from the best showing of Yellow-rumped Warblers
(all Audubon's) so far this Spring, two patches, one NE of Larsen Lake
(including one Orange-crowned Warbler), and many more, all YRWAs, along the NW
and W side of Phantom Lake, both sides of the observation deck, in the
shore-side willow and alder shrubbery . Two big misses this morning, American
Wigeon and American Coot. Two unexpected nice surprises though, a pair of
Green-winged Teal on Phantom Lake (first this month), and two female
California Quail NE of Larsen Lake picking about in the gravel path up near the
NNE entrance right even with the Anna's Hummingbird perching snag (first I've
actually seen this month and year but heard occasionally and only so far E
of 156th/16th). Swallows were scarce again but a pair of Barn Swallows
have arrived and seemed to be staking out their 'spot' around and/or under
the PL observation deck. Spent some extra time carefully scoping out the
duck situation on Phantom Lake, divers in particular, to get good counts for
now late April. Those totals include ~30 Scaup (20-25 Greater and 5-10
Lesser), Ring-necked (10-12), and Bufflehead (6-10). No pipits this morning
but at least a dozen Savannah Sparrows were scattered around the NE field at
SE 16th and a male Common Yellowthroat was just a bit further north along
the boardwalk. No Barn Owl again, but Virginia Rails put on a nice
showing and as per usual this month, silent. One seen northbound, then both
together, 10" apart, southbound quietly skulking about under the same
trailside brush pile spot and nestled in the grass along the trail north of the
windmill. Having not seen nor heard either for awhile, both the male and
female Cooper's Hawks were seen together over the left (south) spur trail in
the central hemlock/cedar grove. #2 Killdeer continues on nest and only
Killdeer detected anywhere today. The Bushtit pair continue building their
fancy colorful little nest in the shrubs only five feet above the ground
along the trail, west side of Larsen Lake and will be an interesting one to
watch in coming days. 2.8hrs, 54 species.
P.S. We need more rain. Another 5-10" please, pronto :-))
Richard Rowlett
Bellevue (Eastgate), WA

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