[Tweeters] Lichen Apology

jeff gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Thu Apr 25 06:30:54 PDT 2013

After my post about criminal elements in the Lichen community, I received an email from a group called 'Lawyers for Lichens".

To: Mr. Jeff Gibson
From: Lawyers for Lichens

Dear Mr. Gibson

We are appalled by your recent tweeters post that profiles lichens as dangerous terrorists. You are an ignorant man, but we hope you are able to change. A public apology would help!

Lawyers for Lichens
1000 Incrustation Lane
Everywhere Wa.

A brief re-reading of my post made me realize that the lawyers were right.

I do apologize for my mistakes. One was implying that lichens work together in a threesome: they can, but often it's just the Fungi and one of the other partners. And of course I've wandered my whole life amongst lichen with no problems- they are a beautiful diverse community, and I've always appreciated that. Why, as a kid, I walked around Lake Cushman State Park (a real lichen paradise) chanting "I like lichens, I like lichens". I guess I let a few 'bad apples' lure me into a rant.

In nature, Lichens are some of our best abstract artist's , painting beautiful pictures (real living art) on coulee walls, tree trunks, and rocks everywhere. I've always loved that. They also contribute a lot of material to the Bird Community: lichen is a favorite nest building material for Hummingbirds, Vireos, Warblers, and other birds!
Lichens are beautiful.

The book "Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast" by Pojar and Mackinnon, is a handy well-illustrated field guide that has a pretty good beginner's section on lichens.

As to the threats I've received from radical lichen groups ( stuff like: " we're on the roof of your house right now!") I would like to say that I can relate to the Symbiont Way. If it weren't for intestinal bacteria, I couldn't even digest my food! We're all in it together!

Jeff Gibson
Whateverett Wa

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