[Tweeters] Kalama Spring Arrivals

Hills of Kalama - A & S Hill 60stops2home at kalama.com
Thu Apr 25 01:08:55 PDT 2013

We got our first PINE SISKINS on the seed and niger feeders on April 12.
Wednesday, April 24, for the first time this Spring, we had three male
AMERICAN GOLDFINCH in all their lemony glory http://flic.kr/p/ee4HF7
sharing food and drink with the noisy little Siskins http://flic.kr/p/ee4Hj5
. No sign of any female Goldfinch yet.

Our uphill neighbors have a resident pair of PILEATED WOODPECKERS who
reproduce successfully each year in the woods between their home and ours.
Today I was completely surprised to find two male PIWO peacefully excavating
holes in trees http://flic.kr/p/edY3kD within 50 feet (and within sight) of
each other http://flic.kr/p/edY3gn . While I was using my pickup truck as a
blind to spy hummingbirds at the feeder, Mr. PIWO number 2 flew directly
over my head, calling as he flew. He made straight for the "drumming tree,"
a very dead, very tall Douglas Fir in our front yard.

On Monday, April 22, we had one BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLER and two (that I
could see) Audubon YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS working over the Douglas Fir and
walnut trees. First time this spring for our yard!

Amy Hill

Kalama, WA

Cowlitz County

628 feet up

60stops2home at kalama dot com

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