[Tweeters] Snoqualmie Valley

Pete Fahey peterfahey at comcast.net
Wed Apr 24 18:52:59 PDT 2013

At 4:30 the WESTERN KINGBIRD had moved east along 284th Ave, and the Plovers were nowhere to be seen.

Not to be deterred, I carefully drove around checking all likely spots on 100th and 80th Streets. I stopped to look at the WEKI and scanned the fields north of 284th when a flock of took off from a field next to a herd of cows. I went back around the block, and scanned the large wet field on 100th where I saw 14 BLACK-BELLIED PLOVERS. They were with a couple of breeding plumaged DUNLIN. I left about 6:15

Pete Fahey

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