[Tweeters] Kent - 204th St - Greater Yellowlegs

Carol & Lynn Schulz carol.schulz50 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 24 15:26:09 PDT 2013

Hi Tweets:
There is a lot of water in the mitigated ponds on both sides of 204th St in north Kent. This morning there were 4 Greater Yellowlegs in the area. They are calling their repetitive breeding calls, and also doing the rolling call that goes up and down in pitch. The only other shorebirds were a couple of Killdeer, and a possible Wilson's Snipe flyby. A beautiful, very-pale male Northern Harrier flew around leisurely. We don't get to see the male harriers much anymore down in the Green River Valley. I see a female harrier near Frager Rd. quite often, but not today. An adult RTHawk flew into one of the big cottonwoods. I stood by the mailboxes and saw a couple of Red-breasted Sapsuckers fly to a tall snag that is north of the mailbox corner on 204th. I heard a Pileated Woodpecker over there too. Near the corner, I could hear an Or-crowned Warbler, many Common Yellowthroats. There were about 3 Yel-rumped Warbs along 204th. One was singing in the evergreens at the horse track ranch. Two Brn-headed Cowbirds were following a couple of horses.
A number of dabbling duck species are in the ponds, including two Northern Pintails. There are several Buffleheads.
I walked on 204th and then around the corner onto Frager Rd, next to the Green River. The river looks about 2/3 full, not as high water as a few days ago. Two adult Bald Eagles were perched near the river. Two Eur. Collared-Doves were near the houses on Frager. They were calling. A few Pugetensis Wht-crnd. Sparrows were under bushes at the corner house. There were about 40 Savannah Sparrows in the area.
It's was a gorgeous morning to bird. Warm and not a cloud in the sky.
Yours, Carol Schulz
Des Moines

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