[Tweeters] Invasion of the White Crowned Sparrows

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Tue Apr 23 22:03:42 PDT 2013

I know this is not big exciting news and they have
been around for some time, but there sure seem to
be a lot of very active White Crowned Sparrows
about. Yesterday right at the main entrance to
Northgate (North End) there were three WCSP
singing loudly from tiny little trees in the
parking lot. Today as I ambled around the Fill
there were more than a dozen White Crowns actively
singing and feeding including 7 at one time on the
ground together in the Wedding Rock area. They
were outnumbered by the Savannahs and there were
also many Song Sparrows and a couple each of
Lincolns and Golden Crowned but the White Crowns
were the show. Ah Springtime...

Blair Bernson

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