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Sun Apr 21 11:13:17 PDT 2013

notes from the field:
21Apr – A long walk this morning adding both boardwalk extensions (west of
148th and north up 156th), neither of which added anything not seen
elsewhere. Fairly quiet overall but still managed some good birds. Most
notable was a TOWNSEND’S SOLITAIRE seen atop a tall birch NE of Larsen Lake,
south of the far NNE entrance and first birch behind and to the right (north)
of the usual Anna’s Hummingbird favorite perching tree along the trail
there. Demeanor was ever alert, flycatcher-like, looking around a lot, but
just sat there silent for 3-5 minutes and I just moved on to the NNE entrance
(151st Place SE). Upon my return, the Townsend’s Solitaire was still
there, still silent, hadn’t moved, and I watched it for another 3-5 minutes
until it finally took flight to the west. Perched, gray, prominent white
eye-ring, and buff wing spot; in flight, longish tail and striking buff underwing
stripe quite obvious. Elsewhere, a ‘flock’ of SIX Savannah Sparrows were
in the ‘new’ blueberry patch where the Killdeer #1 nested and along the
bark mulch path and eventually flew not far into the blueberries north.
Another Savannah Sparrow and one American Pipit were in the NE field at 156th
SE & SE 16th, the pipit right dead center where the ten American Wigeon
continue. Four swallow species were among the 80-100 flying about over
Phantom Lake, including mostly Violet-green, Tree (~10), Cliff (5-8), and
Rough-winged (1), and diving ducks there (Greater & Lesser Scaup, Bufflehead,
Ring-necked) were present in the same numbers as for days now. No Barn Owl
this morning, and the #2 Killdeer continues brooding her nest north of “The
Club”, while the #1 Killdeer and family seem to be wandering a bit further
afield. 2.9hrs, 49 species.
Richard Rowlett
Bellevue (Eastgate), WA

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