[Tweeters] Last two days in Eastern Washington

Terry Little terry at crossoverchurch.info
Sat Apr 20 15:18:38 PDT 2013


I spent Friday and Saturday morning birding portions of Spokane, Lincoln,
Adams, Whitman Counties. Here are some of the highlights:

Spokane County:

Granite Lake: Barrow's Goldeneye

Silver Lake: Horned and Red necked Grebe

West Plains:Mountain Bluebird (nest boxes along McFarlane Rd)

Lincoln County:

Reardan Audubon Lake (lots of rain and wind): Black necked Stilt, Greater
Yellowlegs, Eared Grebe

Old Kuck's Rd: N Rough legged Hawk, Black necked Stilt, Greater Yellowlegs,
Dunlin, Prairie Falcon, Say's Pheobe. Brewer's and Vesper Sprarrow

Davenport Cemetery: Ruby crowned Kinglet, Red breasted Nuthatch, Varied

Sprague STP: American Avocet.

Sprague Lake: Common Loon,. Horned Grebe, Golden Eagle

Adams County:

Sprague Lake: Cackling, Ross's (1), and Snow Goose (15), Ferruginous Hawk

Whitman County:

Sheep Lake: Peregrine Falcon

Crooked Knee Lake: Virginia Rail

Stevens County:

Betteridge Rd: Orange crowned Warbler, Tundra Swan

Waitt's Lake: Common Loon (6), Red necked Grebe, RED BREASTED MERGANSER (4
female type),

Valley: Eurasian Wigeon.

Valley STP: Greater Scaup

That's about it.

Good Birding
Terry LIttle
Mead, Wa

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