[Tweeters] Woodland Bottoms Dike Road Tufted Duck - male or female?

Nina Bohn ninabohn at comcast.net
Sat Apr 20 13:14:42 PDT 2013

Jon Leland and I first saw this duck with a small flock of Scaup on April 13th and we initially thought it was a female. (Is this the same duck as the Cowlitz River duck?) I've heard both on this particular duck. So far a vote for a sub-adult male and several for female, all trusted birders who post on Tweeters. I have pics (see link below) on birdfellow if that's helpful but I would love to know which it is and the field markings or lack thereof which define its gender and age.

I'll re-post the link.

> http://www.birdfellow.com/photos/thumbnails/770-ridgefield-and-woodland bottoms-april-2013?id=9594

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