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> Subject: Researchers looking for Purple Finches in WA, MI, and ND

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> We received the following request from a researcher studying Purple Finches in Washington, Michigan, and North Dakota. If you have Purple Finches coming to your feeders, have yards big enough for 12 meter nets, and would be willing to have researchers catch birds in your yard during the timeframe they describe in their message, please contact them directly.


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> Good afternoon,


> I am from the University of Lethbridge and we are conducting research on a number of passerine species across North America. We will be in Washington May 1 - 10, North Dakota June 16 - July 7, and Michigan July 8 - 29. We are looking for participants who have yards big enough for mist nets (12m long), who have feeders with purple finches, and who wouldn't mind us sampling in their yard. The procedure is non-lethal, and the birds are in hand for a limited time (5 minutes).


> Anyone who might be interested can get ahold of me at the following e-mail, and I would be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns that they may have.


> colin.macfarlane at uleth.ca

> Colin Macfarlane

> University of Lethbridge

> Master's Student

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