[Tweeters] Bellevue Say's Phoebe - yes

Hank Karen karenhank at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 16 18:42:06 PDT 2013

Thank you to Lynn Anne for posting about the Say's Phoebe at Mercer Slough in Bellevue.  Someone was using a weed whacker where she had seen the phoebe.  We found it further north, but still in the blueberry bushes.  The following link gives a map of the trails in the slough.  Take the northern segment of the yellow trail leading away from the Winter's House.  On the map this segment is marked with a 0.5.  We found the phoebe on the east side of the trail where that trail first contacts the slough.


Here are two photos and a short video.




Hank Heiberg
Lake Joy
Carnation, WA

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