[Tweeters] Spring in South Texas

Ulrich Fritzsche ulistelfritz at msn.com
Tue Apr 16 17:24:53 PDT 2013

'Spring in South Texas,' 11 days of birding with a total of 266 species. Highlights for us:Mottled DuckLeast GrebeSwallow-tailed KiteBuff-bellied HummingbirdWhooping CraneEastern Screech OwlFerruginous Pygmy OwlElf OwlRinged KingfisherGreen KingfisherAplomado FalconBlack-capped VireoTropical ParulaGolden-cheeked WarblerWhite-collared SeedeaterAltamira OrioleAudubon OrioleLesser Goldfinch (black-backed)Crimson -collared Grosbeak (female)Groove-billed Ani
Ulrich & Stella FritzscheWashington Park, Seattle

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