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Vincent Lucas vincentlucas5 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 16 13:53:36 PDT 2013


You're right. In Key West, especially, Red Jungle Fowl have been actively
roaming the streets and breeding for many, many years now. Like a slew of
other exotics in my former state of residence, they are established.
However, in order for them to be ABA-countable, one would have to formally
document their status and write an adjudicated paper regarding them. Then I
believe that the AOU and then ABA Records Committee would have to vote on
their "countability". I think that's how it goes. I'm sure someone else
will correct me if I'm wrong. Bill Pranty is the person in Florida who
usually does the "leg work" to get exotics countable since he's on both the
ABA Checklist Committee and the Florida Ornithological Records Committee.
You might want to contact him with your question.

Vincent Lucas
Sequim, WA
vincentlucas5 at gmail.com
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