[Tweeters] Camas, Washougal - Clark County WA Bird and Mammal Sitings

Rob Conway robin_birder at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 16 10:29:37 PDT 2013

Over the past couple of days I've seen several Terns, 2 American White Pelicans, and at least 3 Osprey over the Columbia just to the South of my house near the Washougal River confluence with the Columbia and across the river from the Sandy River delta. The Terns were too far out to identify them by species, but they were diving and fishing; now that I know there was an Artic Tern upriver I might take the time to set up a scope over the weekend for better views. The Ospreys are exploring nesting sites including an interesting one atop a light pole just to the west of 192nd Avenue in Camas right on Hiway 14. I did see Red Tailed Hawks buzzing the ospreys and wonder who started the nest and who might end up with it. Also near the Washougal delta I've seen as many as 8 Belted Kingfishers in a single view - they are all interacting so it can be a pretty loud show at times.

At home in Camas I've had many Lesser Goldfinches, American Goldfinches, Purple and House finches at the feeder. Red breasted Sapsuckers and Pileated and Hairy woodpeckers are working over the snags and a huge Doug Fir that is on its last legs in my back yard. BC and CB Chickadees are using nest holes in the trees. For the past week I've had the resident Anna's along with Rufous and passthrough Calliope's Hummingbirds at the feeders. There was a Western Bluebird down the street sitting on a fence on Saturday.

On the Mammal front while crossing the Columbia on a bus heading into Portland on I205 at 6:00 AM this morning I saw 6 Sea Lions in the water moving eastward. Four of the pinnepeds were really moving with jump dive swimming while 2 others were closer to the north shore and moving slower - one of those appeared to be a huge male. Again distance and limited view time didn't permit me to determine species but with recent numbers showing as many or more Stellers than California Sea Lions at Bonneville I will be watching closely on trips to the shoreline to see what species distribution moving through looks like. Reading this movement as a hint I would guess that we might finally see a surge in salmon numbers reaching Bonneville in the next week or so.

Beavers are very active at both The Steamboat Landing/Cottonwood Beach areas on the Columbia and along the Washougal River Greenway. For anyone birding in the Lackamas Creek / Lake area watch for bears as I have now twice seen an adult bear in the falls area and many many tracks along the upper trails to the east of the creek.

Rob Conway
Camas, WA
45.58°N 122.44°W - elevation 310 ft.
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