[Tweeters] WOS Conference Field Trips

Vincent Lucas vincentlucas5 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 15 22:11:51 PDT 2013

When I lived in Florida, for 8 years, I led fieldtrips to one of the most
popular birding locales in South Florida. At one time or another, we had as
many as 125 birders on these trips in over 40 cars! It sounds like a
nightmare, but with several leaders all going in different directions with
various cars/groups AND with radios/walkie-talkies/cellphones, etc., we got
it done! I, for one, am opposed to having field trips with such limited
numbers of allowed participants. Let's be honest, folks, like me for
instance, joined WOS mainly for the field trips, since I don't live in the
Seattle area and can't make the monthly meetings very often. Limiting
fieldtrips to 8 or so participants is not in the best interest of WOS IMHO.
You can lose members that way. Just my two-cents worth . . . .

Vincent Lucas
Sequim, WA
vincentlucas5 at gmail.com
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